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Apple iPad Air (Apple iPad 5) and iPad Air 2 Ultra Clear Premium HD Screen Protector 2 Pack

$24.95 $12.97

You save 48%!

Compare The Cost: Screen Protector vs. New Tablet

iSmooth’s new screen protectors are made from the finest Japanese PET film to protect your tablet from surprise scratches and purse/pocket wear without sacrificing screen clarity or functionality!

Over 100,000 iSmooth customers prefer the feel of the iSmooth screen protector to the actual unprotected screen.

Don’t miss out! iSmooth screen protectors are truly ultra clear! Most people didn’t even know the protector was on the screen before we told them.

Your iSmooth screen protector is guaranteed for the life of your device. iSmooth will send you a complimentary replacement in the unlikely event that you encounter issues.

No distortion, "rainbow" effects or cloudy opacity will prevent you from seeing the beautiful Retina Display with its high-definition screen clarity.

The iSmooth Apple iPad Air Screen Protector Kit Includes:

- iSmooth's Lifetime Replacement Warranty
- TWO (2) Ultra Clear HD Screen Protectors for the price of one!
- A large, high-quality iSmooth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
- Four helpful iSmooth Dust-Removal Stickers
- 1 Installation Instructions card with a link to iSmooth's step-by-step installation tutorial videos for perfectly and easily installing your iSmooth screen protector

Click the “Add to Cart” button at the top of the page to buy now and take advantage of special pricing! Quantities are limited.

Replacing The Touchscreen Is Time-Consuming & Expensive

Don’t put yourself through the hassle and stress of leaving your tablet at a repair shop for a few days or, worse, mailing it off for a week or more!

Rest easy with dependable and affordable screen protection from iSmooth.

The iSmooth Apple iPad Air screen protector is designed to fit the iPad Air only & is not compatible with the original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad 4.



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